Every day looking for him everywhere, autumn came, my life to end, but I did not see

I was a tree, one to wait for a human being, nine hundred and ninety-nine years of the tree.   I think his first encounter, is fifteen hundred years ago. That life, I was a butterfly. One has blue wings, yellow butterfly pattern, since I become a butterfly that day, my sisters and I in the flowers, the free shuttle, dancing on the flowers, live a happy life.   I thought I would have been so happy to live that day until the end of life. However, one day my sisters and I frolic in the woods, chasing, an inattentive, hit a spider web, I desperately struggled, but the more I struggled, the more the body wrapped in silk, and in the net that side of the spider youngest has found me, he is slowly crawling toward the side over the breath of death is slowly surrounded me.   ”Hey! There are only a butterfly is stuck in a spider’s web!” Then a boy’s voice. “Wow, this butterfly Haopiaoliangya!” A pale face leaned me, I kept struggling with fear. “It seems not fly, and let me help you!” Then he hands it to me to stretch. He gently pinching my wings pulled me down from the web.   He put me on his other hand, the warmth of his hand well. I foolishly looked at him, he probably twenty years old, have deep dimples, he laughed, looked at me and laugh, he really nice! ! I actually forgot he was a man, he just gently pinch I would die, so innocently at him. That there is no feeling of fear.   ”Joe, hurry up! Find prey!” A voice came from the side. ! “Well,” he promised soon, then looked at me and said:. “I put you on the trunk, you’ll be able to fly a break” Then he carefully picked up me and placed behind the trees on , on Wu Wu left.   I want to catch him, but I have been sore legs wrapped around silk wings a little damaged, I quickly clean out the silk, gently waving wings and let it loose up as soon as possible. After a while, I left the trunk, he left me in the direction of the chase, but despite how I look have never seen his shadow.   The day after I no longer sisters frolic, play, every day looking for him everywhere, autumn came, my life to end, but I have not seen him, I am not willing, I have exhausted last effort, flew with his place of encounter, lying on the trunk, the end of my short life.   I come to God, God said: “You people can do next life.” I asked: “I can see him?” “Can not,” said God. I asked God: “Please, let me see him again, I am willing to give up everything, as long as see him again.” God was silent, said: “Well, I can meet you, but you want to become a rock , you have to wait five hundred years on, will you? ” !

Married brother, sister-in-law ugly, but capable, bride money or taking the time to help people fight t-brick earned. Considered hungry, so I reluctantly said, “the big brother, you eat breakfast this morning, I asked the brothers!”, The man who turned down, said, “This is how the line it! I could do.” See this shape, to go along with the boss casually, “If the boss ask you, do not refuse it, you see if you can pass over to tomorrow,” the man heard this, those who dare to voracious eating food, I saw him sad heart could not help but eat up. While he did not pay attention when, never far from the store the way to help him took a bottle of water, quietly on a table not far from him, so he finished all things,
  ”I am willing, as long as see him, five hundred years too willing! “So, I became a stone. I stayed in the flood three hundred years, and later moved to the road, do one of the stone road, from time to time someone stepped from me, but I have no regrets, just to see him, how are OK.   In the fifth century, a rainy weekend, I saw him! ! He was carrying the book Ji, wearing a gray gown, he is a courtly scholar. He was to Beijing exam, passing here. He passed me, I could feel his feet brought wind.   I saw him! I finally saw him! That I’ve been looking for people!   WANG Lin Yang Meng running while shouting the name: “Meng Meng you do not sleep okay?” Tears fall Yang Meng’s face.   Yang Meng woke up: “stupid, how you cried, fool not to cry, Today is our wedding day you should be happy to die,” Yang WANG Lin Meng to wipe tears from his eyes: “WANG Lin I know · · · · · I know my time is not much · · many, WANG Lin married · · · · · I can give you really ??? Keke · · · Keke · “Yang Meng cough twice continued:” Really very happy · · · very happy, “the Yang Meng eyes out tears of happiness, Yang Meng smile that fell asleep. Gas big, eat too much, he pulled the car ride anyway, carrying palm rammed his head, holding a Tate always eat a bowl, soak the rice to eat sweet potato puff sweet chatter and clinking.

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Is who can see my tears …… day suddenly began to rain, is it my tears

What time to see him? ? Do not! I will see him again! ! Certainly can!

  Qiaqia finger, t-flash all over twenty years. It was during the winter when I took my girlfriend home, gray-haired woman of t that you come at night to sleep. T heard no words, covered with wrinkled eyes very long time before they get out of a drop of hot salty tears. I get there, if he does not agree with me Zousi him. ”   WANG Lin in the forehead rub a bit, in my heart to think: “I have been thinking how will this madness that Meng Meng, and now I finally know how it happens, the original genetic Yeah. ”   In the majestic Yang Yang Meng Meng mother’s father also hand over their guns, and later home from Yang Meng, WANG Lin and Yang Meng will strive forward to their happiness.   A few month they finally bought a house on the neck backward marriage certificate, and today they pack the house WANG Lin, Yang Meng suddenly fainted, WANG Lin Yang Meng picked up: “Meng Meng you how. ”   Yang Meng of WANG Lin smiled, “WANG Lin, I’m fine we finally going to get married,” Yang Meng happy face.   He hurried through my body, I did not look at me …… Yes, I was an ordinary stone can no longer ordinary, how he might notice me, but I can not be reconciled, I again asked God: “Please, let me see him once, so that I can touch his body. Let me wait long I’m willing. I beg you! “God says with a sigh:” Oh, ye who lovestruck ah …… Well, this time you have to wait a thousand years. “So, I became a tree, a tree in a remote mountain village tree.   thinking about the first two world things, he looked in my mind constantly emerge. Then my line of sight of two people there, a man and a woman , the men carrying a backpack, took the girl’s hand.   is he! Although there are a thousand years did not see him, but I can recognize here is that I think about every day in my mind countless times face, is that I have waited a thousand years of man!   He came toward him slowly came here, my heart is extremely excited that they came up to me not far from stopped, the girl said:!. “Yu, I walk, rest will. “He turned his head, looked at me and said:” Well, come on, we got there under the big tree Xie Hui. ”   He saw me! He wants to come to me! I want to how to do ?? I was uneasy, I stretched his arms, so that the branches stretch farther, good cover for his more sun.   they are in front of me sit down, he took out from the bag of water, and gave the girl said: “Here, thirsty bar, Drink soon, said earlier let you come, go Zhao family mountain go bad, you have to come, tired. “The girl took the water, drank Gudonggudong, breathe a few breaths, then said:” I am not afraid of tired, I wanted to follow you, want you, where are the line. “He smiled, took out paper towels, carefully wiping the sweat of her head.   They so happy I envy that girl, he is good gentle After a while, the girl looked up, looked at me and said:!. ” This tree is a big country, there should be hundreds of years now. “He looked back at me and said:” Yes, the trunk is so thick, and should have it. “Girls Road to me said:” Yu, come, let’s hug it, see if I can hold it. “They were holding hands and hugged me.   I met him! his chest against my body, I could hear his heart, he could feel his body, his face close to my skin, he good warm embrace …… …… My heart was trembling in my body trembling ……   they left, I burst into tears, piercing cry! But who can see my tears …… day suddenly began rain, I do ?? tears or tears God also for my stay ……   Then God appeared, he said: “Do you still want to see him? This time, you have to wait two years. “I stopped crying, wiped away tears, said:” No, I’ve been satisfied, thank you. “God smiled and said quietly:” Yes, you finally put down, there are fewer individuals can wait a thousand years, because he has been waiting for you for two thousand years. “I said,” Big Brother, you worked hard on their way, and that is what I give you water, “Then I saw the man suddenly stood up, walked in front of me holding my hands, with a strong Sichuan accent, said” fellow Thank you that you are a good man it! “I was listening to remark know what to say, but his throat moist eyes did not say a word, then I really want to talk about teeth,” I am your son, farmer, I also come from remote rural areas, “but At that time the situation really does not allow me to say, so I can only say a silent voice, “You’re welcome, fellow New Year! . ”   to see this situation, just drive over boss’s husband, then casually asked the woman what happened here, after listening to his wife’s answer, he could not help but with a tone of admiration I said, “It seems that is a hearty breakfast, I missed, “and later I realized that our bun shop owner from Shenzhen came home Zhejiang arrived, too, and the situation of the man’s eyes almost, later thanks to good people to help to make him survive, or else he had die abroad up. The woman heard these words her husband, also in tears, she said, “Young man, now the world want you good people too little! “I suddenly do not know how to express your ideas man eating breakfast at the time that when, just sighed.” In fact, the world is still a lot of good, but breakfast or eat. “The man was about to turn away, a wave sleeves and was ready to leave, I would sentence the way “Brother, you are ready to go there? “His sad face said,” had a bad day at home, taking advantage of the New Year would like to find a good job in this contract Brigade kilns Pharaoh’s Niangshui meal, you bitter old man this man, dog day dark

We found that pretending to be calm himself “to drink” 20:13 Jiangsu start home

Romantic honeymoon in Hawaii (Figure) 08:56 Guangdong Foshan Gaoming District reward 50000 Call lyrics lead the city’s image challenged 7:55 couples spend several hundred thousand dollars six years to adopt 10 orphans (Figure)
robbed police 50 hours on baby bazaar Shaw detection 02-19 11:59 village primary school was forced to hire a 4S shop students back to class 9:49 tile Zhengzhou acres of farmland has been turned into garbage dumps ash mining lease after 19:39 Reporter unannounced visits tableware disinfection black workshop : with dishwashing detergent (Photos) 07:35 Man burglary was discovered pretending to be calm himself “to drink” 20:13 Jiangsu start the family doctor system Doctor shortage is the biggest obstacle to a company vice president Zhuhai 20:41 alleged violations of business Zhengzhou secret was arrested 16:55 20 acres of strawberries were thousands of people grab unmarketable pick 10:52 Beijing Gui Street fish shop Quejinduanliang “talk” with chili repeat Photos 07:21 Karamay there were two incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning 4 17:13 deaths
dry cleaning industry, said 10 yuan 1 was repeated with enough dry cleaners cost “old oil” …..

Nandan Mountain Forest Bathing Woman celestial visitors launched a bold attempt

Youth stabbed to death by her stepmother eligible to vent their anger without being the mother of 5-year abandonment (Figure)
social news ranking Jimmy exposes early geisha photo Nvwang said after watching a sense of inferiority Zhengzhou 20 acres of strawberry unmarketable thousands of people were robbed off 41-year-old married 28-year-old Gao Ya Lin Jiao Wife photograph exposure [portfolio] net transfer of RMB hidden new mystery: the 50 yuan banknote printed with Tang master Wuhan, a police tips card absurd six words wrong both (Figure) entertainment circle first case of same-sex marriage and Fupo Zhou Weili exposure Susanna Kwan Dongguan married two workers “pressure” has caused 400 people jumped from the factory in Guangdong girls launched the “occupied the male toilets” movement appeal more to the toilet seat allocation .. India two girls were gang-raped by 15 men alderman’s daughter suspects .. Social News hot search term renminbi new mystery girl jumping Dongguan workers who occupied the male toilets seals Shaw Elementary School change 4s shop Wuhan 30 car pile-up rejection rear United flight attendants school organizations questioned on suspicion of abuse simplicity township hospitals more social and Law